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Is Britney Spears jeopardizing her own career?

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Britney has been partying too much with girlfriend Paris Hilton. But actually, she should be back in New York by now to start recording new songs for her comeback album. She just doesn’t take her career serious anymore! Everyone, the studio crew, her manager of the music label “Jive”, are disappointed that she hasn’t’ showed up yet.

An insider reports that “all recent recordings weren’t met with one’s deadline, because Britney was partying every night”. Britney said earlier that “she spent two and a half years being pregnant and now wants to enjoy life in a different way”. Seemingly, she does not realize that if she doesn’t take her career seriously, her comeback will be very hard. Her PR-manager, Mintz, mentioned that Britney got inspired by Paris’ “sexy style”. Let’s see what happens – Britney showed off her new necklace “Playboy Miss December” front of Hyde Club.

Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler – Reconciliation?

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Just a few weeks ago Shanna Moakler was celebrating a „ Divorce party” in Las Vegas. Apparently, she made up with Ex Travis Barker. Both were spotted together in a restaurant, Mr. Chow, in Beverly Hills. Before the dinner, Travis and Shanna went shopping with their two kids.
Are they back together again? After her Ex filed for divorce on Monday, Shanna still believes in” the power of love”, but is it him or another man?

Here are pictures from the surprised date in Hollywood:

Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock – Filing for Divorce

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock, alias Robert Ritchie, have filed for divorce only a few months after their marriage on August 3rd, 2006. Canadian born Anderson, star of TV shows such as “Baywatch” and a Playboy magazine model, and Rock, whose hit songs include 1998′s “Devil without a Cause,” were married in late July aboard a yacht near the French Riviera city of St. Tropez. With only a difference of 53 minutes, the divorce papers were filed, however, both did put down different dates. He agrees with November 26th, while Pamela claims to be November 21st.

Jessica Simpson – Another Sex Tape?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

After sex tapes were found from Playboy magazine model Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell and apparently Scarlett Johannson, there are reports that another sex tape exist from Jessica Simpson. It has been claimed that Jessica and Ex Nick Lachey are seen in the video in different sex positions. Apparently, the tape fall into the hands of Pamela Anderson’s Home Video publisher.

Obviously, he is threatening to leak the tape if Jessica does not pay an undisclosed sum of money to keep it out of the public. Where he got the tape from is still uncertain, just Jessica freaked out when she heard the news. The 25-year-old star has always prided herself on making men wait for sex.

Britney Spears, Did she hire Paris Hiltons’ PR-Manager?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Oh dear, it is rumored recently that Britney Spears just hired the same PR-manager who is in charge for Paris Hiltons’ public appearance. Britney was tired of her PR-manager Leslie Sloane Zelnik who she fired while in relationship with Kevin Federline. From now on, Elliot Mintz is going to be her new manager (shown in the background on the right upper corner). This would explain the unexpected behavior where Britney was spotted without a slip (Lusthunt reports).

What the purpose of this “campaign” is is still uncertain, but she is and will be an aiming point in the future. However, at the moment, she is rather harming her image instead of showing her strong side. Who knows, maybe Britney is aiming for a “simple life”!

Lindsay Lohan Not only One man?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Lindsay Lohan was asked in an interview the other day why she is always spotted with different man. The answer is very simple, she likes being with more than one man at the same time. The original inspiration for her came from the show “Sex and the City” where all the women have fun changing their partner frequently.

In a few weeks, her intention of meeting several men becomes a reality. She is getting ready for a visit to Irak where she is going to meet lots of American soldiers. According to an interview, Lindsay is going to take shooting lessons before arriving in Irak. But are all the soldiers really falling for her?

Kevin Federline, soon starting a career at Big Brother?

Monday, November 27th, 2006

Are we going to see Kevin Federline at Big Brother soon? After his failure as a singer and after not longer been in great demand as a model after his divorce from Britney Spears, he has been offered a new job which he probably won’t reject.

Federline has been offered a great amount of $300.000 to take part in the reality show “Big Brother” in England and move into a celebrity dorm – maybe his last chance of making a huge career? Kevin certainly entertains people and most of the producers agree that he would make a good fit for the show. In addition, the 28 year old would perform some of his “distressing rap”. According to one of Federlines’ own statement, “I’m the most hated man in America”, he is becoming somebody special.

Here are pictures with Kevin after a “bar night out” with friends. His Ex Britney Spears partied with Paris Hilton on the same week-end.