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Madonna – High Court ruling planned for next Monday!

A Malawi judge is planning a High Court ruling for next Monday on whether a coalition of human rights groups in the southern African nation can dispute the material mom’s interim adoption of David Banda, the 13 month old Malawian boy.

An action was brought by 67 activist organizations who have claimed that the government circulated regulations to allow Madonna adopting the boy. Another plaintiff, the Malawi Human Rights, feel that the government should know that the couple would have a benefit because of their celebrity status.

However, the “Ritichie-Family” show no emotion or any sign of uncertainty while waiting for the High Court ruling on Monday. According to Madonna’s lawyer, Alan Chinula, they have no problem with the upcoming ruling and are eager to sit back and wait.

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  2. By sonia on Oct 17, 2007 | Reply

    I sometimes wonder the way people think ….is a child for sale..

    here is a family who gave a child to orphanage.left there now that a celebrity has come to adopt..benifits of money comes in….

    Be glad your child may have a brighter future….your child is not a commodity pls.

    wish the boy will have a bright future

    sonia joshua

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