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Top 5 Breakups of 2006

2006, what a year! There are always some relationships that don’t last. Some celebrity’s couple called it quits after being together for more than a decade (Bobby & Whitney), while others realized that being friends would work out better than a relationship (Jen & Vince).

After seven years of marriage and two kids (Ava 7 and Deacon 3), they both called it quits. According to insiders Phillipe said that he is not the perfect person, but still not guilty of a lot of the things he has been accused of.

The Grammy-winning singer, Whitney filed for separation on Sept 8 and one month later for divorce from her husband Brown. Both survived a lot, first the reality show (Being Bobby Brown), rehab and run-ins with the law. However, Houston was the one who decided to end the relationship after 14 years.

After their separation in May and filing for divorce in July, the couple McCartney and Mills called it quit after 4 years. Mills accused the ex-Beatle that he was abusive to her. Things got nasty after a while. Insiders say that she was only after the estimated $1.8 billion fortune.

After the movie “The Break-Up”, Jen and Vince got closer to each other but according to sources called it quits after a 14 month long relationship. They both claimed that remaining good friends is the best solution.


Britney filed for divorce on Nov. 7 after two years of marriage. Together with her two children (Sean Preston 1 and Jayden James 3 months) she tries to be the “responsible” mom. However, she remains to live her single life with best friend Paris Hilton.

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